1. Differences You Can See: The CarrHomes Way

    According to that old saying, “the devil is in the details.” When it comes to CarrHomes, however, it’s not the devil in the details, it’s the luxury. We have been building quality, beautifully crafted homes in the Greater Washington area for nearly a century now, and those decades of experience have firmly instilled the value of quality. When you choose a CarrHomes home, you are choosing d…Read More

  2. Move-In ready northern. VA. homes on large, extra large, and estate-large home sites

    FAIRFAX/LOUDOUN CO. — If you're looking for a new single-family home your family can move into now through the end of the year, CarrHomes has special new home values on wooded 1, 3 and 5-acre sites in Fairfax and Loudoun Counties.   In Fairfax County, CarrHomes is offering a move-in ready 7,400 square foot, 3-car garage luxury home on a beautiful one-acre site in The Meadows at Great Falls.…Read More

  3. Why CarrHomes like trees behind our homes and why you should too.

    FAIRFAX,VA – There’s nothing more beautiful than a newly built home framed by mature trees. And if you’re searching for houses for sale in many rapidly growing Fairfax and Loudoun County residential neighborhoods, you know there’s nothing more scarce, either. It’s simply a lot easier (and less expensive) for a home builder to remove all the trees when siting and building a home, rather t…Read More

  4. New Development From Luxury Home Builders in Fairfax City

    Don’t buy a new home in Fairfax City…Yet. FAIRFAX,  VA – Whether you want to be near the historical/judicial center of Fairfax, the vibrant art community, George Mason University, or the nearby Army Navy Country Club, families from all over northern Virginia have always been drawn to Fairfax City for a special outing or an enriched lifestyle. As ideal as springtime is to buy a new home, you…Read More

  5. 2018 Trends All Designer Homes Should Try

    Now that we are more than a third of the way into the year, we are starting to see just what 2018 has in store for designer homes. So far, the trends all send the same overarching message: go bold! Whether you are working with luxury home builders to create your dream home or you have owned your home for years, you likely understand that meek and mild home decor simply will not cut it. The design …Read More

  6. Carr Homes Builds In Differences You Can Feel

    “Going green” has been a big buzzword in the news lately, and for good reason. Sustainable and eco-friendly practices are becoming increasingly important to help protect our planet. Here at CarrHomes, we have been using eco-friendly home building practices for years already because we understand just how vital those practices are. Our green building standards are not only better for the enviro…Read More

  7. Things To Consider When Moving Into A Newly Built House

    Building a brand new home is an exciting time. For most, it means finally making your dream home a reality — or, at least, building a home that meets your family’s current needs (and plenty of wants). Once the last nail is hammered into place and the finishing touches are all installed, it is time to sign the last round of paperwork, pack up, and move. Right? Not so fast. Before moving into a …Read More

  8. First Time Buying A House? What To Know Before Diving In

    The time has finally come to finally leave those cramped apartments and older rental houses in favor of a place you can make your own. Are you excited? Buying a house should be a thrilling, joyous time in your life. But, if you’re not suitably prepared, it can end up being an overwhelming process. Don’t let the buying process suck the happiness from this time. Start with these tips for first t…Read More

  9. Choosing Luxury Home Builders: Questions To Ask About New Construction

    Buying a home is a major decision. It’s one that can affect you and your family for years to come, so it deserves plenty of consideration. Not only will you be paying for your home for several years to come, but you’ll be living there. If you somehow miss the lack of storage space in the home before purchase, that could turn into a costly oversight. But, if you’re planning to go to a builder…Read More

  10. Is Summer Really The Best Time To Buy?

    This summer, thousands of families will pack up all of their belongings to move across the city, state, or country. With the rush of people moving, that implies a higher number of potential buyers out there flooding the market and shopping for their next home. But, just because there are more buyers, that doesn’t automatically mean it’s the right time for you to buy. It might be, but it just a…Read More