1. What Makes CarrHomes Stand Apart

    CarrHomes has been serving Hamilton and the greater Washington area for nearly a century. We have been around longer than sliced bread (the first commercial bread slicing machine wasn’t invented until 1928)! It is not by accident that CarrHomes has been able to provide our quality services for so many years; it’s by design. We are passionate about homes, craftsmanship, and our community. So, i…Read More

  2. Tips For Deciding On The Size Of Your Floor Plan

    Here at CarrHomes, as luxury home builders in Hamilton, we are experienced in helping our clients determine the best floor plan for their needs. From the layout of the home to the total amount of space offered, we work with our clients to make key decisions about the final look and feel of their home. One of the biggest decisions you will need to make when choosing the design of your luxury home i…Read More

  3. Create Elegance In Your Designer Home With This Easy Advice

    When you purchase or build a designer home in Hamilton, you want that elegance to translate into every aspect of the space. If you are hoping to create an elegant and classic design in your luxury home, we are here to help. At CarrHomes, we have carefully crafted our floor plans to provide the utmost in elegance paired with daily functionality. From the incredible tall ceilings in our entryways to…Read More

  4. Simple But Impactful Benefits Of A CarrHomes’ Luxury Build

    When you are looking for a luxury home for sale in Hamilton, you want to know that you are investing in a property that is not only stunning in appearance, but that is also uniquely designed to make day-to-day living an upgraded experience. Here at CarrHomes, we are passionate about crafting the ideal floor plans for a better way of life. When you purchase one of our homes for sale, you will find …Read More

  5. Tips For Creating A Priority List Of Features You Want In Your New Home

    Before you design a luxury home or choose one out from a list of layouts, you have to know what you want. In fact, going into the decision making process without a clear cut concept of what it is you require can lead you to making a purchase that you don’t absolutely love. Here at CarrHomes, we are passionate about helping people find their dream home. Whether you choose a luxury home from one o…Read More

  6. Tips For Preparing For Your Meeting With Our Luxury Home Builder Team

    When it comes to purchasing a luxury home, we know how important it is for you as a homeowner to feel truly heard. The last thing you want is to wind up dissatisfied with your purchase. In order for the process of picking out and customizing the right luxury home to go well, clear communication is a must. Here at CarrHomes, our luxury home builders in Hamilton are committed to building the best po…Read More

  7. The Importance Of A Designer Kitchen

    When you are purchasing a designer home in Hamilton, there are undoubtedly an array of must-haves on your list. From the actual physical layout of your home to the custom features it offers, you have spent time considering exactly what it is you want from your luxury home. Here at CarrHomes, we are firm believers that you should not sacrifice quality in any aspect of your new home. One room that w…Read More

  8. How Our Luxury Homes Interior And Exterior Differences Change Day-To-Day Life

    Here at CarrHomes, we believe that as luxury home builders in Hamilton, we should pay attention to every single detail of our home builds. We do not construct luxury homes that feature subpar materials or mediocre designs. Rather, we carefully craft our homes to reflect precision in design and luxury in craft. We often talk about the differences you can see, when purchasing a luxury home from Carr…Read More

  9. Why The Community You Buy In Matters

    When it comes to running a business, almost everyone has heard the mantra “location, location, location.” However, this does not solely apply to the world of business. Location is important when it comes to purchasing a home as well. In fact, when you are searching for homes for sale in Hamilton, you want to be sure that you are picking the right community to reside in. Not all neighborhoods a…Read More

  10. Home Buyers Are Getting A $25,000 “Spring Break” At All CarrHomes Communities

    FAIRFAX, VA – CarrHomes wants to be home shoppers number one spring destination in Fairfax and Loudoun Counties. To do it the award-winning Fairfax County based home builder is offering a $25,000 “Spring Break” now thru June 30th. The “Spring Break” incentive is a credit that lets home buyers choose between “stretching a Family Room”, “adding a Morning Room” or “opening a Kitch…Read More