1. Real Estate Trends In Fairfax: Start Of Summer 2017

    Overall, real estate trends in the United States are on the rise. Following the horrific crash in 2008, it’s been a struggle for many places to recover economically. Nearly 10 years later, Fairfax and other Washington D.C. suburbs are beginning to thrive once again. Throughout the winter and spring, buying and selling houses is not as popular. Maybe it’s because the weather keeps people insid…Read More

  2. Making Your Luxury Home Your Own

    Purchase With Pride Purchasing your first (or second) luxury home can be quite the daunting task. Particularly, if your current or previous home doesn’t offer nearly the same comfort, style, or luxury as our numerous models, upgrading to one of CarrHomes’ elegant properties can seem like a big leap. Each CarrHomes models is poised to provide you and your family with unparalleled amenities and…Read More

  3. Choosing Which CarrHomes Luxury Home is Right For You

    Elegant Features, Fixtures, and Functionality When you’re considering purchasing a new luxury home, there are numerous decisions to make surrounding which home and/or community meet(s) your needs. Like most of CarrHomes’ current and future homeowners, you’re doubtlessly carefully mulling over each of our communities’ properties, and how each feature and location matches your needs. This c…Read More

  4. Your New Home at Saratoga Towns in Springfield

    Escape to Saratoga Towns The District’s population has been growing since the 1990s, and has in recent years surpassed other metropolises in terms of total population while expected to continue growing to reach (and exceed) one million residents. This influx of new residents, expats, and seasonal stayers has since made the option of living away from the city quite enticing, and we’d have to a…Read More

  5. Experience the Carr Homes Difference in Loudoun Oaks

    The CarrHomes Difference It’s no secret that houses for sale are springing up across Greater Washington. However, it can be quite rare to find new homes for sale that meet your unique wants, needs, and future homeowner goals. At CarrHomes, we understand our clients’ desire for the absolute best in luxury homes in the Greater Washington area. That’s why for nearly 100 years, CarrHomes has wo…Read More

  6. Before You Decide to Buy

    In many previous blogs, we discussed decisions that are made once a buyer has already purchased a home, such as ideas on how to use certain living space, but there are many things to consider before you make the commitment of homeownership, such as the basic: can you afford to buy a home? If you’re thinking about buying your first home but aren’t sure if it’s the right time for a move, cons…Read More

  7. How Will You Use Your Sunroom?

    For introducing natural sunlight into a home, a builder may add a sunroom or a conservatory to the floor plan, both of which feature multi-windowed designs to allow the bright sunshine into the space. If your home includes a conservatory, morning room, or sunroom, you may be at a loss as to what exactly you should use it for. Oftentimes, homeowners view sunrooms as extra space that does not serve…Read More

  8. Moving Smoothly With Your Kids-Part 3

    As a parent, there’s a massive difference between the dream of buying a new construction home and the reality. The dream is you work with your home builders to design a perfect house, the interest rate on your mortgage is laughably low, and the moving process for your kids is a breeze. Then there’s the reality. But before you start panicking, take a deep breath and relax. Moving with children …Read More

  9. Moving Smoothly With Your Kids-Part 2

    To you, working with your local builders to have the perfect home constructed is a dream come true. Home ownership is a vital part of the American dream and having the means to choose the floor plan, look, and accessories are just icing on the cake. You’re probably bursting with excitement, but how do your kids feel about it? On the one hand, children are creatures of habit. As long as they ha…Read More

  10. Moving Smoothly With Your Kids

    The process of working with your home builder to build your dream home can be exciting, even exhilarating. Perhaps you’ve been in your current home for years, and a relocation is just the thing you’re looking for to start fresh and get some excitement into your life. But the move itself can be stressful. Factor children into the mix and things can get downright chaotic. But adults often forge…Read More