1. Important Considerations When Moving Into a Newly Built Home

    Are you ready to make the move to a remarkable home? If you’re looking for luxury houses for sale in Hamilton, then you’ll likely want to partake in a new construction build for your next home. A newly built home can exceed your expectations in all sorts of fun and exciting ways. Through easy collaboration, you can work with a trusted builder to create a designer home fit for your exceptional …Read More

  2. 3 Popular Flooring Options to Consider Using in Your Luxury Home

    Building a house is an incredible experience, but one of the most exciting parts is watching the materials you select bring your vision to life. When you’ve dreamed about hardwood floors and crown molding for months on end, it can be incredibly exciting to see it finally come to fruition in the space in your home. With that in mind, it can also be incredibly overwhelming to pick out materials if…Read More

  3. Tips for Finding the Best Mortgage Lender

    When purchasing a house, be it a house that’s currently on the market or a custom built, luxury home, you want to make sure that you have your finances in line long before you start the buying process. In each of these instances, finances need to be in line for the deal to be made, so it only makes sense that you take the time to find a mortgage lender prior to starting the process.  Whether yo…Read More

  4. The interior house design of a kitchen with distressed white cabinets and an island from CarrHomes in Hamilton.

    Must-Have Features in Every Luxury Kitchen

    The kitchen is the heart of the home, and with the holiday season quickly creeping up on us, it’s the room in your house that you can guarantee will be packed full with close friends and family. Whether you’re someone that is accustomed to hosting large groups of people or you are someone that loves to cook, a luxury kitchen is something that you’ve probably dreamed about for years, but were…Read More

  5. 4 Things to Help with Your Custom Home Build

    Choosing to build a custom home is a fantastic option for so many, but if you’re not entirely sure what to expect with the process, it can be extremely overwhelming. The team at Carr Homes is dedicated to providing our clients with the home that they’ve always dreamed of, which is exactly why we want to ensure that this process is as seamless and stress-free as can be. So, to better break down…Read More

  6. The exterior of a grey designer home with a three-car garage built by CarrHomes in Hamilton.

    Reasons to Invest in a Luxury Custom Home

    Finding the perfect home for you and your family can be overwhelming. There are countless options on the market, but do any of them really speak to your needs? If you’re struggling to find a home that has everything you’re looking for, don’t feel as though you need to throw in the towel. While many will say that you need to create a list of items that you absolutely must have vs. things you …Read More

  7. CarrHomes vs. Other Builders: A Difference You Can See

    When it comes to designer homes in Hamilton, you will be hard pressed to find the types of luxuries and amenities that come standard with CarrHomes. A lot builders out there claim to offer designer homes, but it’s not clear what exactly makes them designer homes. You won’t have to worry about those kinds of mysteries with CarrHomes. You know exactly why our homes are considered designer homes.…Read More

  8. What Makes CarrHomes Stand Apart

    CarrHomes has been serving Hamilton and the greater Washington area for nearly a century. We have been around longer than sliced bread (the first commercial bread slicing machine wasn’t invented until 1928)! It is not by accident that CarrHomes has been able to provide our quality services for so many years; it’s by design. We are passionate about homes, craftsmanship, and our community. So, i…Read More

  9. Tips For Deciding On The Size Of Your Floor Plan

    Here at CarrHomes, as luxury home builders in Hamilton, we are experienced in helping our clients determine the best floor plan for their needs. From the layout of the home to the total amount of space offered, we work with our clients to make key decisions about the final look and feel of their home. One of the biggest decisions you will need to make when choosing the design of your luxury home i…Read More

  10. Create Elegance In Your Designer Home With This Easy Advice

    When you purchase or build a designer home in Hamilton, you want that elegance to translate into every aspect of the space. If you are hoping to create an elegant and classic design in your luxury home, we are here to help. At CarrHomes, we have carefully crafted our floor plans to provide the utmost in elegance paired with daily functionality. From the incredible tall ceilings in our entryways to…Read More