Instilling a love of reading in your children can provide them with life-long benefits. Reading can not only help your children achieve more academically, but it can also boost their communication skills, strengthen their logical thinking skills, help them concentrate for longer periods of time, and adapt to new experiences easier. A love of reading is a gift your children can carry with them for a lifetime and your home library is an excellent way to get them started.
But that isn’t all that your home library can do. A home library is a special place that every member of your household can enjoy. Discover some of the benefits your children can experience from your home library and how to make this space in your home even more special.

The Benefits of a Home Library

Exposes children to a variety of books.

A large home library does more than store books; it allows children (and adults!) to explore other potential reading material out there. Instead of simply having the books they are given, they can browse the family library and find an unexpected treasure. A book about bugs might awaken an interest in entomology or a sci-fi thriller might inspire them to write their own adventures. That kind of exploration can help children learn more about the world around them and open doors to them that they didn’t know about before.

Places importance on education and personal development.

Having a home filled with books tells children that you place a lot of importance not only on reading but on education and personal development. It can inspire them to go further with their own education and development, too. An article in the New York Times in 2010 stated that “After examining statistics from 27 nations, a group of researchers found the presence of book-lined shelves in the home–and the intellectual environment those volumes reflect–gives children an enormous advantage in school…’Growing up in a home with 500 books would propel a child 3.2-years further in education, on average, than would growing up in a similar home with few or no books.’” That’s a huge advantage you are giving to your children for a lifetime!

Is a safe place to study, create, and learn.

Home libraries are never just libraries. They are often offices for parents, study rooms for children, and might even be the perfect place to enjoy a few board games or puzzles together, too. The home library can be a cozy place to enjoy a book on a weekend or a quiet place to study for an upcoming exam. Whatever happens in the home library, though, it’s sure to become a treasured area of your home.

How to Make the Library a Special Place in Your Home

  • Fill it with books and items you love. When your library is filled with books that mean something to you, the whole space takes on more significance within your home. You’ll want to share those books with your family and friends, too, making the library a must-stop room within your home for guests and family alike.
  • Make it a point to spend time in the library together. Whether you are spending time quietly reading in the library on a snowy winter night or building a model together over the summer school holidays, make it a point to do these activities in the library. This will make the room not only a beautiful space, but one that’s filled with happy memories the whole family can enjoy.

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