HAMILTON, VA – To people outside Hamilton, Va.,  the name either conjures up idyllic images of vast,  rolling Western Loudoun County landscapes  at the foothills of the Catoctin Ridge, or the ever-growing numbers of vineyards that dot the surrounding countryside

Ask the roughly 600 people who call Hamilton, VA. home  (originally known as Harmony, VA)  and  the images take on more texture, from the native tribes and early European settlers who populated Hamilton before the American Revolution (many of whose descendants still live here) to the DC tourists who escaped the hot city summers in the mid-1800’s for Hamilton’s  fresh mountain air and popular boardwalk, to its early 20th century Western Loudoun  County boom-town appeal.   And finally to what it is today,  a charming northern Virginia town with a decidedly relaxed residential character, and a mandate to stay that way.

Natural beauty.  Rich history.  Small town flavor.  Most towns would be happy with any one of those qualities.  Hamilton, Virginia is not like most towns.