What’s a custom home without the pressures, problems, or priciness? A CarrHomes custom build!

FAIRFAX, VA – Building your dream home is great in theory:

  1. You get to choose everything from the architectural style to the light switches.
  2. You build it on your lot in the neighborhood where you want to live.
  3. You can be assured of quality building materials because they‘re your choice.
  4. You set the budget.
  5. You decide on all the technology you want built-in and where.
  6. You can make it as energy-efficient and eco-friendly as you want.

The only issues with the above list are numbers one through six. They demand a lot of patience, especially when it comes to permits, subcontractors, material delays, changes, and add-on fees.

CarrHomes custom builds offer a better (much better) way to build a custom home on your lot. Start by choosing an architectural style and an interior you can actually see in our huge portfolio of completed homes or in one of our existing Northern Virginia communities. It’s a lot more inspirational and a lot less headache-inducing than starting with a blank canvas.

Then, make the custom home your own. Change it. Add to it. Flip it. Extend it. Add a room. Redesign the kitchen. Open up walls. Create a private space. Whatever you can imagine and however you want to modify the plans, we can do it for you. Chances are, we’ve already designed and built it for another client! After all, CarrHomes has been one of Northern Virginia’s premier custom home builders for nearly nine decades, with more than 11,000 homes completed.

Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget about the cost. Without us having to start from scratch with architects and engineers, and with all the suppliers we’ve worked with for years, we can give you a cost breakdown you can count on. Moreover, we can give you a total cost breakdown that could be thousands less than what you’d receive from a typical custom home builder.

As far as the end product? Just ask our homeowners. They’ve given CarrHomes a 99.3% approval rating. And since we are a locally owned and operated home builder, we really can’t afford anything less than your complete satisfaction.

If you’re considering building a custom home, we hope you’ll consider a CarrHomes custom build. Meet with us. Tour our homes. Let us show you why we’ve been successfully “Building the way you live since 1925.”