Before you design a luxury home or choose one out from a list of layouts, you have to know what you want. In fact, going into the decision making process without a clear cut concept of what it is you require can lead you to making a purchase that you don’t absolutely love.

Here at CarrHomes, we are passionate about helping people find their dream home. Whether you choose a luxury home from one of our existing communities and customize it to fit your needs or you work with our luxury home builders in Hamilton to craft exactly what you want, our goal is to ensure that at the end of the process, you are 100% satisfied with what you receive.

For this reason, we strongly encourage our clients to put together a list of their must-haves before meeting with our team. We want to know exactly what features you desire in your home. The more detailed your list, the better. It is also helpful to prioritize the list. This ensures that the must-haves are differentiated from the nice-to-haves.

Check out these tips for making a prioritized list of features you want in your new home.

Walk Through Each Room Individually

The best way to determine what you want from your luxury home is to think through each room individually. Start by making a list of the rooms you want present. Perhaps your list will include a master bedroom, guest bathrooms, a number of bedrooms, a family room, a dining room, a kitchen, and a den. Whatever the rooms are that you want to see in your new home, put them down on the list.

With this list of rooms, you can now mentally walk through each room. Take time to consider every detail of the space. From the size of the room to the type of windows you want, consider each detail of the room.

Start With Everything You Want

As you go through the mental process of walking through your dream home, make sure you list every single thing you want. During this stage of brainstorming, don’t hold back. Don’t worry right now about your budget or the practicality of your wishes. Instead, focus on what you would list if you had no limits.

This list might be long, but don’t worry. There will be time for paring it down into a realistic set of priorities. Enjoy this stage of planning, and let your imagination run wild. Make sure to include the whole family. Does your teenager have a specific request for their room? Does your husband have a dream den in mind? Let everyone contribute some ideas to the mix.

Narrow Down The Top Picks In Each Room

Once you have your master list of wishes, it is time to get to work narrowing down the top picks. While it might not feel easy to determine what is a must-have and what is a could-live-without, creating a priority of requests will help you hone in on the best mix between dream and reality.

It is often helpful to leave your list alone for a few days before you begin creating priorities. This can help you clear your head. In many cases, when you return to your list, you might immediately see things you no longer are concerned with.

Consider Both Aesthetics And Functionality

As you go about creating a prioritized list, make sure you take into consideration both aesthetics and functionality. These will both play important roles in the final result. In fact, it can help to break apart your list into items that are mostly focused on design and items that are mostly focused on functionality.

For example, in your kitchen, you might want a specific type of countertop. While this is partly functional, it is mostly a design preference. Place it in that room’s design list. This can help you see how many items on your list are focused on this aspect. Conversely, if you put down a specific oven range you want, that is primarily a functional component — though it undoubtedly contributes to the design as well.

With your list broken down in this way, you can start two prioritized lists — one for aesthetics and one for practicality. In this way, you won’t wind up prioritizing too many of one component.

Discuss With Your Luxury Home Builder

Finally, sit down with your luxury home builder in Hamilton and discuss your list. They will be able to point out where you might have overshot or even help contribute new ideas. A home designer will understand exactly what is realistic and what is going to be difficult to pull off.

Here at CarrHomes, we would be thrilled to be your choice for your luxury home build. We will be happy to walk you through layouts we have designed, as well as discuss your specific custom requests. Reach out today to learn more about our services.