According to that old saying, “the devil is in the details.” When it comes to CarrHomes, however, it’s not the devil in the details, it’s the luxury. We have been building quality, beautifully crafted homes in the Greater Washington area for nearly a century now, and those decades of experience have firmly instilled the value of quality. When you choose a CarrHomes home, you are choosing differences you can see.


We Think Big

Other home builders seem to think that buyers stop paying attention to the details when they leave the main level of the home. We disagree. As luxury home builders, we know that one surefire way to provide the quality buyers expect is to avoid cutting corners. That means higher ceilings on the upper levels, not just the main. It also means we include sills with aprons on all windows, oversized baseboards throughout the house, and oversized trim around all doors and windows. These may not sound like major changes on paper, but pay attention to the next new home you walk through. Does the trim shrink when you head upstairs? Do the ceilings drop down? If you’re looking for a luxury home, the details will show the quality. We think big from floor to ceiling and carry that through to the finishes for an overall luxurious home.


Fine Finishes

It’s not just the big details that matter, either. The fixtures, finishes, and other smaller details also make a difference. For example, we build beautiful solid oak staircases in our luxury homes — but we take it a step further. We include a carpet runner for plush padding when you move from one level to the next, but we also make the stairs with a wider tread. It may take more materials to do so, but the end result is a high-quality, comfortable stairway.

Our fine finishes don’t stop at the stairs, either. Some of the other high-end finishes we include are:

    • Brushed nickel light fixtures
    • Satin chrome knobs and hardware on all doors
  • Wood shelving in the pantry and closets
  • Windows with beveling and architectural details
  • Three-piece crown molding
  • Kohler plumbing fixtures

We strive to make it easy to see the quality craftsmanship and luxury in each home we build, which means we don’t skimp on the finishes for the sake of the bottom line.


Exterior Finishes

Quality craftsmanship shouldn’t stop when you walk outside, either. We choose to make our luxury homes look as fine on the outside as they do indoors, and again, we do so by focusing on the details. We create custom brick stoops instead of the standard concrete stoops most other builders stop at. We also include large brick mold trim and Jack arches around windows to provide beautiful architectural details. Textured coach lamps offer another element of classic elegance. In addition, there is no need to worry about expensive replacements or ongoing care for your home’s exterior. We choose to use composite exterior trim to provide additional durability over the standard (and high-maintenance) wood trim most builders use.


Custom Builds

The finishes mentioned above are part of the build process for any of our existing floor plans. But fine finishes on their own are not what make us luxury home builders. We offer an array of options to further customize our floor plans, but if you want to truly build your dream home, we also offer custom build options.

Explore the best in luxury homes for sale in Hamilton and surrounding areas. Find a home amongst our currently available options, or contact the CarrHomes team to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your custom build options.