When you are looking for a luxury home for sale in Hamilton, you want to know that you are investing in a property that is not only stunning in appearance, but that is also uniquely designed to make day-to-day living an upgraded experience. Here at CarrHomes, we are passionate about crafting the ideal floor plans for a better way of life.

When you purchase one of our homes for sale, you will find that there are simple but impactful benefits to our unique builds. If you are interested in learning more about any of our floor plans, feel free to check them out online or contact our team to schedule an appointment to view a property.

Learn more below about the simple but meaningful ways a CarrHomes’ luxury build will impact your daily life.

Walk-In Closets Designed For Easy Organization

Every single day, there is one section of your bedroom that you probably frequent more than once — your closet. There is perhaps nothing more frustrating than starting your day rummaging through the back of a small, cramped, poorly lit closet.

When we created our unique floor plans at CarrHomes, we set out to create closets that provide ample storage space with beautiful and abundant lighting. This means that when you wake up in the morning and are hurrying to get ready for the day, you can quickly walk through your closet, picking out every piece you need. Not only are our closets large in size, but they are designed with functionality in mind. Say goodbye to stumbling through a disorganized mess and enjoy the delight a luxury closet will bring to your daily life.

Pantry Shelving Crafted For A Chef

Do you enjoy spending time in the kitchen? If so, our unique pantry design will be one of your favorite features of our floor plans. Our pantries are large in size and outfitted with high-quality wood shelving.

As you walk into this closet — which feels more like a room or extension of your kitchen — you will find long and elegant shelving that will allow for optimal organization of food, supplies, and more.

Ample Bathroom Space For Busy Families

When you were a single person, living alone, one bathroom provided you with everything you needed. However, as your life has grown — and subsequently your family — one bathroom no longer cuts it.

You will enjoy the ample bathroom space that we design into our floor plans, creating a better flow of daily life in a busy home. From our owner’s bathrooms, which feature multiple vanities and ample room for more than one person to move about the space at a time, to our additional bathrooms scattered throughout the home, you will find that everyone can accomplish their daily hygiene in comfort.

Extra Room For Designing Entertainment Areas

Too often, floor plans stop with a dining area, a living room, and perhaps a small den. CarrHomes’ floor plans, however, take it to the next level. You can choose from one of our many luxury home designs that offers extra room for creating family entertainment areas.

Whether you have a billard, ping pong, or foosball table — or perhaps all of the above — we offer the space you need to design the ultimate family zone. This means less cluttered or cramped areas throughout your home as you can dedicate one area to entertainment.

Open Floor Plans With Abundant Natural Light

One of the most impactful and unique aspects of our home designs is the open feel we have created. With abundant natural light and extra tall ceilings, our luxury homes feel far more open and airy than most. We have even added special touches to different designs to help promote this open feel, such as recessed stairways and vaulted entryway ceilings.

Shop Our Homes For Sale

If you are looking to purchase a home in Hamilton, we invite you to reach out to our team at CarrHomes. We will be happy to walk you through the options available, as well as provide you with further information on our unique floor plans. We know you will enjoy the unique and impactful ways our careful designs change your daily living.