Going green has been a growing buzzword across our society in recent years, to the point that you can find an eco-friendly version of just about anything. Yes, it’s great that our society is making increasing strides toward helping improve the environment, but do we really need an indoor carpet made from moss just because it’s eco-friendly? As you may imagine, there are some situations in which choosing the sustainable option can be more beneficial than others — both for yourself and for the environment as a whole. So, give the moss carpet a miss, but if you’re looking for homes for sale, here are a few reasons to choose an eco-friendly build:


#1. Green materials can increase your home’s value.

Yes, the initial cost of the building materials may indeed cost a bit more than the standard option. Don’t let that scare you away! It may increase your upfront cost, but in the long run, those green building materials are going to provide a better return on your investment. In most regions, a home built with sustainable materials will generally have a higher value than comparable homes in the neighborhood.


#2.  Eco-friendly building offers long-term savings.

A big part of eco-friendly home building is using sustainable materials as much as possible, but that’s not the only way a home can be made eco-friendly. It can also include measures like water-saving shower heads, water-on-demand water heaters, and other resource-saving options. Whether it’s alternative energy production methods or use-reduction options, eco-friendly appliances and fixtures can help you save on your monthly utilities. Over decades in the home, the savings more than makes up for the minor upfront cost.


#3. Sustainable building materials are more durable.

Just because something has been broken down during the recycling process and made again does not mean it’s less sturdy. In fact, the reverse is often true; many of the eco-friendly building products used today are made from recycled materials, but they are more durable than the natural counterparts. For example, a composite decking made from recycled plastic and wood fibers can last around five times longer than the traditional wood option — and, bonus, it doesn’t need to be scrubbed, sanded, and restained or treated every few years.

#4. The building process will produce less waste.

What good would eco-friendly building materials be if home builders didn’t also worry about waste and local environmental impact? Sustainable new construction homes are eco-friendly because they take all levels of sustainability into account. That means you can trust that any house builder who makes eco-friendly homes works to cut down on waste and recycle materials as much as possible.


#5. Green home builders work with the environment.

No, we don’t necessarily mean building into hillsides or creating a living turf roof. But, many builders of eco-friendly homes for sale will put additional effort into working with what nature has already provided for a given area. This can mean making decisions like choosing the home’s placement based on existing trees and only removing what’s absolutely necessary. Doing so might mean a bit more effort on behalf of the construction team, but it also means preserving a valuable resource. Specifically in regard to trees, not only is it a preservation technique, but it means that grown trees will help provide energy efficiency for the home by keeping it cooler in the summer and breaking the winter winds before they reach the house.


At CarrHomes here in Hamilton, we pride ourselves on the eco-friendly measures that go into every one of our new construction homes. Explore our current homes for sale, or contact us to start planning your new home!