When you purchase or build a designer home in Hamilton, you want that elegance to translate into every aspect of the space. If you are hoping to create an elegant and classic design in your luxury home, we are here to help.

At CarrHomes, we have carefully crafted our floor plans to provide the utmost in elegance paired with daily functionality. From the incredible tall ceilings in our entryways to the subtle touches around door frames and windows, we have worked hard to ensure every detail of your home reflects elegance and beauty.

As you go about implementing your own unique touches into your designer home, check out these tips for creating a classic and elegant space. Reach out today to learn more about the designer homes we offer in the Hamilton area.

It Starts With The Design Of The Home

First and foremost, no amount of elegant decor and designer furniture will ever be able to make up for a lack of elegance in the physical structure of your home. As the phrase goes, it is akin to putting lipstick on a pig if you try to create a classic and elegant design in a lackluster home.

It is important to start with the actual design of your home. A luxury home should feature elegance in every last detail. From the style of trim around the windows to the type of shelving in your pantry closet, true design begins with the features of the home.

Opt For Soft And Classic Tones

When you are seeking to create an elegant space, opt for soft and classic tones. Avoid color schemes that are trendy or overtly bright. Muted tones, earthen colors, and classic black and white are all great options for an elegant theme.

Don’t simply think about the colors of your walls or furniture, but rather take note of the details of your home as well. What colors are you implementing with your throw pillows? What small touches are you adding throughout the home that tie this together, such as centerpieces on tables and table runners in hallways?

Keep Everything Decluttered And Clean

One of the best ways to ensure that your home’s decor can shine through is by keeping the home decluttered and clean. The more clutter that fills a space, the less elegant the design will feel. The best way to keep a home decluttered is to ensure there is enough space for your belongings to be put away.

This is where ample closet space goes a long way in improving the overall appearance of your home. When things are tidy, counters are empty sans a few appliances, and game rooms are neatly organized, your design will become the focus, rather than your clutter. In the same way, keeping everything pristine and clean will help ensure that your home’s grime isn’t detracting from the beauty of your design.

Ensure There Is A Focal Point To Every Room

An elegant room should have a singular focal point. Make sure your decor isn’t competing with itself. For example, in your living room, perhaps the fireplace will serve as the center focus. Decorate this accordingly. Avoid drawing too much attention to any other area of the room.

Elegance is best found in simplicity. The less overdone a room is, the better you can convey a classic and luxurious feel.

Talk To CarrHomes About Elegance In Design

If you are someone who is drawn to the elegant and classic style of a home, then we invite you to reach out to our team today. At CarrHomes, we have created designer homes that are built to retain classic beauty throughout the years. From the smallest, subtle touch, such as our wooden pantry shelving, to the more ornate and notable, such as our extra tall ceilings, you will find that we carry elegance throughout the entire home.

Not only do we offer unique floor plans that are stunning, but we also offer you the ability to customize your home the way you see fit. We are always open to those must-have features you are seeking in your home. If you have the vision for elegance, we are here to deliver. Contact us today to set up an appointment to find out more about our designer homes in Hamilton. We look forward to helping you achieve the luxurious style you seek.