Now that we are more than a third of the way into the year, we are starting to see just what 2018 has in store for designer homes. So far, the trends all send the same overarching message: go bold! Whether you are working with luxury home builders to create your dream home or you have owned your home for years, you likely understand that meek and mild home decor simply will not cut it. The design choices you make have to keep up with the grandeur of your home as a whole. If you are planning for the decor of your new home or you are ready to shake things up with your existing decor, try these designer home-worthy trends:

Skip The Paint

One of the biggest burgeoning trends is one you have likely seen before. Instead of repainting your walls, ditch the paint buckets and try wallpaper to add pizzazz to a space. Now, this isn’t your granny’s wallpaper, so skip the light, small floral prints designed to perfectly match the curtains. Instead of blending in, choose wallpaper options made to stand out. It is also a great way to play with texture, as well as color. Try a matte on gloss design in a single color to create a focal wall. Or, for a more modern look, explore the visual interest of subtle metallics and abstract designs instead of those old-fashioned repetitive patterns. The other standout difference with the new wallpaper trend? Avoid covering all the walls in a room with a single style; instead, adorn one wall or a portion of a wall. Want to really shake it up? Try using two complementary wallpaper styles to create your own unique design.

Focus On The Kitchen

Anyone who has ever hosted a party likely understands how quickly guests tend to congregate in the kitchen — even if the food is spread out in abundance in another room. There is something about a kitchen that people inherently find welcoming and cozy. Embrace this tendency and make your kitchen a space worth seeing. Pipe in hidden speakers so you can keep the music flowing whenever you want, create visual interest with your lighting and other accents, and do not forget the seating. Make entertaining even easier by including a wine fridge or a built-in kegerator in your kitchen island, complete with tap.

Update Your Art

Art extends beyond paintings you can hang on the walls. In fact, one of the biggest up-and-coming trends is to find household goods that double as aesthetic pieces. Opt for dynamic lighting options that bring a sense of architecture into the room, or choose side tables that are there for more than just basic functionality. If sleek modernism is not your style, you can still try this trend. Seek out one-of-a-kind pieces and antiques that have a story to tell. Simply find pieces that are just as much about the appearance as they are function.

Supersized Storage

How much time do you spend in your closet? For many, the answer is longer than generally considered preferable. Instead of it simply being a utility space in which you store your clothes and shoes, amp up your closet space. More and more, the closet spaces in designer homes are being viewed as rooms within their own right — particularly for master closets. If you are working with a luxury home builder to customize your home, take the time to create a closet oasis. Specialty storage, decorative lighting, and even a reading nook or lounge area can take your closet from utility space to statement room. Not only will this be a space for you to enjoy for years to come, but it will likely give you a great return on investment when the time comes to sell your designer home.

Vary Your Rooms’ Moods

If every room in your house is bold and full of visual interest, that can get overwhelming quickly. Instead of creating bold statements in every room, make a concerted effort to vary the mood. For example, if you use copious bright pops of color and bold statement pieces in your living room, consider creating a more comfortable, naturally-themed space in your kitchen or dining area.

Before you can get decorating, you will need the space to work with. Explore currently available designer homes, or contact the CarrHomes team to make your home dreams a reality.