All builders have their differences.

22 Differences Built into CarrHomes’ Luxury Homes

 CarrHomes Interiors Include

 Other Builders’ Interiors Include

1. Wide stair treads – easier to climb  9” to 10” treads means steep inclines
2. 9’ – 11’ ceilings on main and upper levels  8’ ceilings on 2nd level and basement
3. Elegant oak staircase with carpet runner  Carpeted pine staircase
4. Oversized trim around all windows and doors  Smaller trim on upper and lower levels
5. Sills with apron on all windows  No sills or aprons
6. Custom quality shadow box molding in main stairwell  No custom trim
7. Brushed nickel light fixtures  Outdated brass plated fixtures
8. Oversized 5 ¼” base boards w/ “og” detail  Smaller 3 ¼” base board w/ no detail
9. 3-piece crown molding w/ 5 ¼” crown profile  3 ¼” one piece crown
10. Double hung low-e insulated windows  Single hung windows
11. Satin chrome knobs and hardware – all doors  Standard brass plated hardware and knobs
12. Wood shelving in pantries and closets  Standard wire shelving
13. Garage area dry-walled and painted  Not finished, so not very good looking
14. Architectural mullions w/ bevel in windows  Small, flat single strip
15. Renowned Kohler plumbing fixtures  Builder grade fixtures

 CarrHomes Exteriors Include

 Other Builders’ Exteriors Include

16. Custom quality brick stoops  Standard concrete stoops
17. Large brick mold trim around windows  Small single strip trim
18. 12” “Jack Arch” and keystones (w/brick elevations)  Simple/small window trim detail 
19. Textured coach lamps – front door and garage  Standard brass plated lamps
20. Upgraded 6 ½” “beaded” siding  4” double strip siding
21. Architectural roof shingles  Standard flat shingles
22. Durable composite exterior trim  High-maintenance wood trim

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If you’re in the market for a luxury home, then what you’re not looking for is a cookie-cutter house full of basic features you can find from any other home builder. Instead of facing the frustration of viewing the same old house, consider shopping within a CarrHomes community to discover luxury homes that can offer you some truly unique differences.

Our homes for sale feature clearly observable differences that set them apart as luxury homes.  CarrHomes, our staircases are constructed from gorgeous oak and feature carpet runners for that upscale feel. What about a house’s ceilings? Most home builders set their upper level ceilings at eight feet, creating a cramped upper floor. CarrHomes home builders, on the other hand, use nine to 11 foot ceilings on the upper levels. Keep reading to discover all 22 of the differences you’ll see built into our luxury homes.

Carr Homes Does Things (Actually A Lot Of Things) Big Builders Won’t

With more than 11,000 home buyers throughout Northern Virginia since 1925, CarrHomes is one of the region’s premier residential developers. Yet we’ll never be too big to make changes. Our homeowners will tell you. Just ask.

Other home builders simply can’t compete with our ability to personalize your home in order to complement your lifestyle. Our luxury homes offer home buyers with the opportunity to get the perfect home for their lifestyles while enjoying all of the luxury features they expect as well as the ones they would never think to ask for.

Fairfax and surrounding area home buyers trust CarrHomes to provide solidly-built and gorgeously-designed homes for sale. Browse our communities today to find the perfect luxury home for you and your family. Have questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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