All builders have their differences.

You’ll see these built in to every CarrHome

What you see included in a CarrHome
Is not standard in other builders’ homes

 CarrHomes Interiors Include

 Other Builders’ Interiors Include

11-inch stair treads – easier to climb 9-inch to 10-inch  treads means steep inclines
Garage area is dry-walled and painted Garage walls not finished, not painted, not attractive.
9-11 ft ceilings on ALL levels 8 ft ceilings on 2nd level and basement
Wide architectural mullions with bevel in windows Small, flat single strip
Large 3 ¼- inch trim around all windows and doors Smaller trim on upper level
Sills with apron on all windows No aprons
Brushed Nickel light fixtures Outdated Brass plated fixtures
Oversized base boards Smaller 3 ¼-inch base board with no detail
Home Energy Rating System (HERS) tested Any independent testing for energy efficiency?
Satin chrome knobs and hardware on all doors Standard brass plated hardware and knobs
Custom-quality wood shelving in pantries and closets. Standard wire shelving
Humidifier  Optional
Renowned  Kohler plumbing fixtures Builder grade fixtures

 CarrHomes Exteriors Include

Other Builders’ Exteriors Include

Minimum 8/12 steeper, more prominent roof pitch Shallow, builder standard 6/12 roof pitch
Custom quality, brick and stone stoops Builder standard concrete stoops
Custom quality brick and stone lead walks Builder standard concrete lead walks
Large brick mold trim around windows. Small single strip trim
12-inch “Jack Arch” for structural integrity above all windows Simple window trim detail
Large textured black coach lamps at front door and garage Small standard brass plated lamps
Protective 8” to 16” eave overhangs on all sides of the home No protective overhangs on sides
Real quarry stone Molded cement meant to look like quarry stone
Architectural roof shingles Standard flat shingles
Durable exterior trim High maintenance wood trim

*Due to varying site and floor plan configurations, some items may not be available in every house type.
**Because of ever-evolving technologies and product enhancements, CarrHomes’ special features, materials, brand names, sizes and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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Carr Homes Does Things (Actually A Lot Of Things) Big Builders Won’t

With more than 11,000 home buyers throughout Northern Virginia since 1925, CarrHomes is one of the region’s premier residential developers. Yet we’ll never be too big to make changes. Our homeowners will tell you. Just ask.

Other home builders simply can’t compete with our ability to personalize your home in order to complement your lifestyle. Our luxury homes offer home buyers with the opportunity to get the perfect home for their lifestyles while enjoying all of the luxury features they expect as well as the ones they would never think to ask for.

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