CarrHomes Knows Green Home Building

We like to say, “The greener other builders go, the smarter CarrHomes looks,” because we’ve been utilizing green features and methods in our luxury homes since before other builders had ever heard of “going green.” We have established a tradition of excellence here at CarrHomes Home Builders, and that means providing local home buyers with eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and sustainable homes. Keep reading to discover what exactly goes into a CarrHomes home to create those green differences you can feel.

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We Use Eco-Friendly Building Materials

  • Low VOC paint— (volatile organic compounds) emissions
  • Interior doors made from recycled materials—a durable, more affordable engineered wood product
  • Recycled carpet padding—a more effective resource-saving feature
  • Low maintenance exterior finishes—for a lower carbon footprint
  • Vinyl siding using recycled material—It’s cleaner and lowers disposal cost and time

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We Save Homeowners Energy Costs

  • Energy saving appliances—with advanced technologies using 10-50 percent less energy (saves energy costs) than standard appliances
  • 13 SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) compressors—for high performance and greater energy efficiency
  • High efficiency heating and cooling systems— with energy efficient machinery, commissioning, and heat recovery
  • Slab insulation—to help prevent heat loss that results in cold floors
  • Band board insulation—to create a heat loss barrier around the perimeter of your home
  • Locally acquired, natural materials—such as stone and brick, save energy
  • House wrap—during construction framing to inhibit moisture intrusion
  • Air infiltration package—to prevent air movement through cracks and holes, thus saving on energy costs
  • Under slab vapor barrier—protects home from moisture seeping in through site groundwater

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We Use Sustainable Building Components

  • Pre-manufactured building components—requiring less wood/less trees
  • Oriented strand board (OSB)—engineered wood of younger, faster growing trees

Learn more about our green building practices by reading our blog.

We Give Back

  1. Eight and counting completed shelter projects
  2. Nearly $100,000 invested in the community
  3. Over 200 people given a safe and stable place to live within the last decade
  4. Funds saved on each project go into educational programs

Learn more about how we help our community

Download the PDF.

You can count on CarrHomes to provide you with houses for sale that are as green as they are beautiful and as beautiful as they are solid. Browse our houses for sale by community to find the perfect CarrHomes home for you and your family, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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