When you bought your first home, how long did you expect to live there? A lot of people end up living in their homes longer than they expected. According to a survey by the National Association of Home Builders, the average homeowner stays in a single-family home for 13 years. The most common reason for families to finally make a move is that they outgrew the current home. It’s a common issue, but do you know whether or not it’s happening to you? Here are some of the signs you should look for that it’s time to upgrade your space to one of our luxury homes in Fairfax, Hamilton, and the surrounding areas.

Do These Small House Signs Sound Familiar?

There is a schedule for the bathroom.

This is the most serious sign that your home has become too small for your current needs. When you start drawing up a schedule for the shower, then it’s definitely time to move to a bigger home. You need a home that has bathroom space for everyone, not to mention a hot water heater that can keep up with the demands. More bathrooms is a common item on the wish list for a new, bigger luxury home, and the homes that we build give you all the bathrooms you need to keep every member of the family happy (and schedule-free!).

Your home office is also the coffee table.

A lot of people are now working from home on a part-time or even a full-time basis. If that’s you, do you have a dedicated workspace? If you don’t, then you are probably using a dining room table, coffee table, or patio table as a makeshift workspace. That’s not good for your productivity (or your back!). Moving into a bigger home can give you an office space where you can get down to work and then leave it all behind at the end of the day. You’ll be a happier worker and your family will be glad that you have your own space to get your business done.

You wonder if you can convert the hallway into a usable room.

Are you eyeing your hallway and mentally measuring whether or not you could fit another bookcase, desk, coat rack, or even a blow-up mattress in there? If you are desperate for space and looking for every available nook and cranny in your home, it’s definitely time to move. A bigger home can provide you with the additional space that you need so you aren’t desperately searching for areas to make multi-purpose. You’ll finally have all of the room that you need while keeping the hallway just a hallway.

The dining room has been a guest room more than once.

Where are your guests sleeping? If you often have guests and nowhere to put them, imagine how nice it would be to have a dedicated guest room. Instead of converting the dining room into a guest room or forcing them to stay on a pull-out couch in the living room, you can give your guests their own private retreat in your home. It’s nicer for them and you when they have their own space, so you won’t mind having guests more often.

You’ve seriously considered converting the garage to another bedroom.

If your space issues are so severe that you are now considering sacrificing your parking space and additional storage to create another bedroom, bathroom, or living room, then it’s time to move. Converting your garage could negatively impact your home’s value and make it harder to sell later on. There is a good chance that you (and your car) will be better off making the move to a bigger home, plus you’ll get even more storage space in return!

Your kids are sharing a room…and it’s not going well.

Sure, sometimes it’s fun to share a room with your sibling. But that’s usually only on TV or in the movies. In real life, sharing a room often results in a lot of fighting. If your kids are sharing a room because there simply isn’t any more space for them, then you might want to upgrade your space. Giving everyone their own room can bring peace back to your home and their relationship. Putting an end to the fighting in your home is reason enough to move!

There Are So Many Benefits to Buying a Bigger Home

When you move into a bigger home, you’ll get to enjoy a lot of benefits! It’s not just about having more space for your family, either. Here are some more benefits that you’ll be able to enjoy when you move into a new luxury home from CarrHomes:

  • A bigger home can often mean a bigger tax write-off at tax time. That could actually help you save money on your tax bill. It’s worth looking at the numbers with your accountant when you are trying to decide whether to upgrade or not.
  • Depending on the equity that you have in your old home, that bigger home might not actually mean that much bigger of a monthly payment. You can roll that equity into your new, larger home and may only end up paying a small amount more. In return, you get a beautiful, bigger, newer home to enjoy!
  • A new luxury home could be a benefit to your financial future, too, if the housing market continues to climb like it has been. The home that you purchase could end up appreciating faster thanks to its larger size, meaning you’ll have more equity in it when you decide to sell.

Are You Ready to Find a Bigger Home for Your Family?

Maybe you bought that first home and didn’t expect to be married with children in the next five years. Or maybe your adult children have moved back in with you and suddenly your current home is feeling a bit too small. Or maybe you are working at home and need some more space to get your job done. Whatever the reasons, if you are starting to feel cramped in your small home, CarrHomes can help. We have a number of luxury home communities throughout Virginia so you can find a home that’s the right size and in the right location for your family. We’ll carefully match you with a bigger home that the whole family will love!

If you are interested in learning more about CarrHomes communities, visiting our website to find one near you or contact us and we’ll help you find a great home in your area. Give us a call or send us a message through our website to get started!