As Americans, there are usually two reasons for us to buy a home. We’ve either decided it’s time to settle down in a home, or we’re looking at a long-term investment. If you’re reading this, odds are that you want to work with home builders like us in order to have a potential investment property or to settle down.

However, when you’re working with a builder, you have the opportunity to invest in accessories for all aspects of your new house. For some, this is an excellent opportunity to up the “wow” factor for prospective buyers down the road. For others, it’s a means of personalizing their home further and enjoying a few luxuries.

Keep reading to learn about a few of the most desirable home accessories available today.

  • We all know what it’s like to step onto a freezing tile floor on a winter’s morning. If that’s the disease, radiant heated bathroom floors are the cure. For as little as $10 per square foot, simple mats crafted from wiring and mesh are installed underneath ceramic tiles. They include numerous thermostats, and they’re sure to warm things up in the dead of winter.
  • Countertops constructed from butcher block is highly popular these days. It can be used for a kitchen counter or as an island. The wood is frequently made from either maple or other varieties of wood like birch or cherry. For older buyers, butcher block can be powerfully nostalgic, while younger buyers are attracted to a look that’s natural and clean.
  • We know, toilets aren’t usually a selling point for anyone. But dual flush toilets are the huge exception to that rule. They tend to cost approximately $100 more than a regular toilet, but the savings that can be gained from them in the long term is massive, considering they can save a typical family of four as much as 6,000 gallons of water per year.
  • Along similar lines, low-flow shower heads have become wildly popular and, odds are, you’ve used one and never even realized it. While they look and feel the same as a traditional shower head, low-flow heads use air as a delivery system. As a result, their flow rate is only 1 gallon per minute instead of the regular 3 ½ gallons per minute.
  • Many people think of glass as a material that’s fragile and highly unstable. But when it’s used in moderation as backsplash for a bathroom or kitchen, it becomes unstoppable. When light passes through, the area will explode with sparkling color. Plus, glass is virtually maintenance free, and with a little bit of patience, it can be surprisingly affordable.
  • Depending on the climate where you live, throwing open the doors of your home during nice weather can be powerfully attractive. Many home buyers are opting for folding patio door systems, which fold up similar to an accordion when open, but look like any other door when closed.
  • Insulation isn’t something that gets many people excited at first glance. Having said that, everybody appreciates it when the temperature is sweltering or it’s dropped below zero. A very smart investment is to forget about the entry-level insulation and choose the best quality possible to fill out the walls, roof, and the attic if it’s applicable.