Choosing a new home builder can be a daunting task. Buying a home is a big investment and finding a builder to trust can often seem like a disheartening task. Here are four features to consider and questions to ask when you start your search.

Location is key when buying a home, whether a new build or a previously owned home. Look for new home builders that do construction in areas where you work or your children go to to school. You can find the perfect house but if it’s not in the perfect location for you, the home will feel more like an inconvenience than a safe harbor.

Ask the builder about all the their construction sites to find the best fit. Also, consider the lot location once you have settled on a site. Lot location is influenced by roads and traffic, lot size, access, and drainability.

Look for a builder with experience. Read reviews and look into their history with clients. A builder that has been around will have solid warranties, consistent quality, and an understand of what their clients are looking for in their homes. Experience is key in an industry with many builders to choose from.

Ask about the benefits a builder can provide and ask for references you can check.

Let’s be honest, if a home isn’t built by the time you need it, you can face more expenses and difficulties in moving. Look for a builder that fits your timeline, whether that’s over a year out or one that provides already built semi-custom homes.

Ask how long a new build will take and what you can expect during the process.

The best interview with a home builder will involve seeing their work. Touring model homes, homes in process, and homes built for past buyers. Look for the custom touches that make a buyer stand out.

Ask yourself if the home has the look and feel you’re searching for. Also, ask for specifics on what would be included in your price versus a model home.