April 11 – We started with Facebook posts about everything from singing cats and holiday recipes to shots of townhouse building materials. We had no idea what a  great resource it would prove to be for communicating with friends, prospects, homeowners and industry associates. Then we added a blog to say things, well, like this. YouTube was a great tool for giving prospects a real feel for our model interiors. Twitter was next. What a neat way to let everyone know “what we’re doing” without all the marketing embellishments. And now you can also access our communities, our models, floorplans and maps on any mobile device just by typing in CarrHomes.com.

Bottom line is CarrHomes has been around since 1925. And we’ve learned a lot about building homes and townhomes over time. But what we’ve learned in the last couple of years about personalized technologies that promote and enhance two-way communication, between us and all of you, is priceless.