When it comes to designer homes in Hamilton, you will be hard pressed to find the types of luxuries and amenities that come standard with CarrHomes. A lot builders out there claim to offer designer homes, but it’s not clear what exactly makes them designer homes. You won’t have to worry about those kinds of mysteries with CarrHomes. You know exactly why our homes are considered designer homes. 

In today’s blog, we’ll be taking a look at some of the differences between our designer homes and the so-called designer homes offered by other builders. We will be doing a bit of a compare/contrast of the differences you can see. The differences we offer simply aren’t offered as standard in other builders’ homes. So, let’s take a look at some of the differences that make a difference for our designer homes in Hamilton.

1. High Ceilings On Every Level

Have you ever came across an advertisement for a home that claims to have 11 ft. ceilings, only to find that that’s true for only the main floor? It’s frustrating when you’re looking at a home with tall ceilings on the main level that then has cramped ceilings upstairs. 

You won’t have to worry about that with CarrHomes. Our designer homes come with 9-11 ft. ceilings on ALL levels. Other builders typically only offer 8 ft. ceilings in the basement and on the second level. Not with CarrHomes. Our luxuries don’t start and stop with the main floor.

2. Luxury Windows

Our homes are beautiful on the inside and the outside. We know how important it is to have large, stylish, and luxurious windows in a home. Windows are responsible for most of your natural light and have a HUGE effect on the overall feel of a home. That’s why our designer homes come standard with all sorts of window features, including:

  • Wide architectural mullions with bevel in windows
  • Large 3 ¼- inch trim around all windows and doors
  • Sills with apron on all windows

These small touches add up to a huge difference. They may not seem that important, but when compared with the standard windows from other builders, you can tell how far they go in making your home feel more luxurious. Rather than bevels and wide architectural mullions, standard designer homes have small, flat single strips. And our 3 ¼- inch trim is massive compared to smaller upper-level trim you’ll get from most builders.

3. Custom-Quality Wood Shelving

When it comes to your pantries and closets, most home builders phone it in. Closets are replete with standard wire shelving. And you won’t find much better in your pantry.

That is, until you come across a CarrHomes designer home in Hamilton. All of the shelving in our closets and pantries are made with beautiful custom-quality wood. This touch will make your closets and pantries truly unique. Our sense of style stretches throughout every inch of our designer homes.

4. Custom-Quality Bricks and Stones

Our custom-quality touches don’t stop with our shelving, of course. You will find custom-quality touches all throughout our designer homes. A truly treasured area of custom-quality comes in our bricks and stones. Our stoops and lead walk are made with and anchored by gorgeous custom-quality bricks and stones. Our stones are real quarry stones. In addition to this, CarrHomes offers large brick mold trim around all the windows.The style of your home is announced long before you step through the entryway. 

What do you get with other builders? Standard concrete! Your stoops and lead walk will look anything but custom-quality. And you sure don’t get real quarry stones. You’re looking at molded cement meant to look like quarry stone. Not exactly designer quality.

5. So Much More

This is just the beginning of all the differences you can see with the designer homes from CarrHomes. We care about the Hamilton community (which is why we’re part of HomeAid Northern Virginia). We also want to contribute to the beauty of our community. That’s why we take so many steps to provide the very best in designer homes. Our architecture directly contributes to the beautification of the Hamilton community. The CarrHomes difference is visible. If you’re not convinced by the above examples — well, they don’t stop there. Some of the other differences you can see with our designer homes include:

  • Dry-walled and painted garage area
  • Brushed Nickel light fixtures
  • Oversized baseboards
  • Satin chrome knobs and hardware on all doors
  • Home Energy Rating System (HERS) tested
  • Humidifier
  • Renowned  Kohler plumbing fixtures
  • 11-inch stair treads
  • More prominent roof pitch
  • Architectural roof shingles

All of these (and a whole lot more) comes STANDARD on the designer homes from CarrHomes. This is not the case with most builders. So, if you’re ready to explore designer homes in Hamilton, then reach out to CarrHomes today.